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As Box Hill Crabcakes news is made, you can read about it here. Box Hill Crabcakes is an Abingdon, Maryland favorite seafood restaurant that features its “World Famous Crab Cakes”. From time-to-time the Kanaras family may be providing Maryland crab cakes news and other seafood restaurant industry updates so visit often!


Improved Online Ordering for Boxhill Maryland Crab Cakes

Boxhill Crabcakes proudly introduces an improved online ordering process - just in time for the 2010 Holiday Shopping Season.

In anticipation of a busy 2010 holiday season, Boxhill Crabcakes is excited to announce that they have made improvements to their online ordering process. Boxhill is now fully integrated with FedEx so online customers can now track their orders shipped via FedEx. The online customer will also be happy to see priority, next day shipping savings.

Maryland Crab Cakes Expected to be in High Demand for December 2010

"We're looking forward to another busy December and expect 2010 orders to surpass those of 2009," says Tom Kanaras, co-owner of Boxhill Crab Cakes, "We shipped over 5,000 crab cakes in December 2009 and fully anticipate that well over 5,000 crab cakes will be shipped this December alone for the 2010 holiday season. It seems like people just can't get enough of our Maryland crab cakes," continues Mr. Kanaras.

The Boxhill Crabcakes, made from a secret family recipe, have grown in popularity for 25 years. Baltimore Magazine voted Boxhill as "Maryland's Best Crab Cakes." Year after year, Boxhill Crabcakes have also been voted as Harford County's "Best Crab Cake."

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Donations

For the 2010 holiday season, Boxhill will be donating a portion of all proceeds to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF). The CBF is the only independent organization dedicated to protecting and restoring the Chesapeake Bay and its tributary rivers. The Kanaras family and Boxhill Crabcakes are supporters of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and its efforts to reduce the pollution of this national treasure. For more information about the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, visit

2010 Holiday Gift Ordering

If you want to order Boxhill Crabcakes for a great 2010 holiday gift item or for your traditional holiday celebrations, you'll need to place your orders early to secure your delivery date. You can order online at

BP Oil Spill Effects to be Felt by Maryland Crab Cake Lovers

Maryland crab cake businesses will not escape the impact of the BP oil disaster, which will trickle down to the consumer.

Tom Kanaras, co-owner of Boxhill Crab Cakes, like other seafood restaurant owners, is watching the seafood industry one day at a time. The industry is being challenged not only by the BP oil spill, but by the hurricane forecasts, restrictive harvesting laws, and warm waters preventing harvesting: each challenge in and of itself potentially damaging. Put them together and you have a perfect storm that could drastically impact the seafood industry and seafood restaurants.

U.S. Crabmeat Supply Becoming Limited

Mr. Kanaras states, “Supply and demand is affecting our Maryland crab cake restaurant business. There are fewer sources of U.S. crabmeat but consumer demand is still high. Our big challenge will be where we get our winter crabmeat.”

Since the Gulf Coast crabmeat supply is more limited than ever and east coast crabmeat is not available during the winter, crabmeat will have to come from other areas – such as foreign suppliers. Even though some consumers are leery of foreign seafood, foreign suppliers may end up being a major source of crabmeat and other seafood.

Consumers can expect more foreign seafood being served in restaurants as U.S. suppliers cannot meet the demand.  Seafood industry insiders report that Phillips Foods already uses foreign seafood and has a strategy in place to corner the Indonesian crab meat market that will leverage their Indonesia crab processing facilities.

Tom Kanaras believes foreign crabmeat is safe (due to advanced pasteurization processes) and of high quality; especially Indonesian crabmeat. If Kanaras has to use foreign crabmeat, he will gladly inform his customers about the source of the meat.

Expect Maryland Crab Cake Prices to Go Up – But Don’t Settle for Less Quality

Right now, crabmeat prices are $16-$17/pound, which could climb to $20.  Some restaurateurs feel that the quality of the crab cakes will have to suffer because of the higher prices.

Tom Kanaras has a different point-of-view: “We will not cut back on the quality of our world-famous crab cakes. Our proprietary recipe has been around too long. We’re doing a lot of praying and crossing our fingers that the prices don’t have to go up but if they do, our customers can always enjoy the same quality that we have delivered for over a quarter of a century.”

About Boxhill Crabcakes
Boxhill Crabcakes is a family-owned and operated restaurant in Abingdon, Maryland. Customers have been enjoying their world-famous, award-winning crab cakes since their doors opened in 1984. Boxhill Crabcakes can also be ordered online at

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